16 Shots

from by Emcee Monte

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Verse 1
I am the angry father who's had enuff/been harassed all my life now I'm strappin up/seen it 4 way to long, they get away with murder/cops killing black kids and protecting each other/
They killing black teens everyday in da streets/ And u wonder y we yelling out f the police/ we had enuff, its time 4 peace/but times like these make me grab my piece/ its my right to bear these arms/and protect my children from being victims/of some itchy trigger finger cop who just wanna shoot/any kid with brown skin cuz he not valuable/to u but these teens the our future/if we catch u brutalizing we will shoot ya/maybe 1 day the violence will stop/but until then 16 shots/

To all u crooked ass cops 16 shots/
To all u racist ass cops 16 shots/

Verse 2
I am the peaceful protester marching downtown/with a sign in my hand that says justice now/ Shouting who do u serve,who do u protect/ as they stand looking tough wearing bullet proof vest/
They see the angry, disgust the pain on our face/with 1 hand on their gun they ready to spray/Justice? All i see is just us/getting locked knocked and busted without a word discussed/
getting shot, harassed, abused and cuffed/from the cops and higher up the CPD is corrupt/whoop whoop, that's the sound of the police/hands up dont, now we running from the beast/cuz 1 angry protester went too far/now a mob is breaking loose flipping squad cars/but who can blame them for the rage they got/LaQuan McDonald was hit with 16 shots/


Verse 3
I am the angry lawyer who's fighting the system/trying to win justice for the families of victims/
I see cops walk on a technicality/its unfair and unjust a harsh reality/but not this time/i have the dash cam vid that can prove the crime/the charges are 1st degree murder/4 the shooting of LaQuan McDonald last October/
4 this crime we seek the max sentence/
But your honor it was self defense/(order)
Stop telling lies it was homicide/tried to bury the truth but it came to rise/and with it ill proof your guilt and put u away/4 the rest of your life, u will never see the light of day/let the evidence show unnecessary force by the cop/16 shots/

Spoken Word
LaQuan McDonald was gunned down in da street by a bad cop, someone who took an oath to serve and protect. Well, they got a bad track record of protecting black people, black men and black boys get shot by bad cops every day. U wonder y we in The streets shouting black lives matter? Cuz society acts as if we are expendable. LaQuan McDonald got 16 shots, an unarmed teen...how would u like it if we ran up on u strapped and gave u 16 shots just because we felt like it? If it were up 2 u we would all be locked up or get 16 shots...the killings must stop. We send peace, blessing, and love to all the great cops who do serve, protect and look out for their community. Who risk their lives every day to keep us alive... but to all u crooked, racist, prejudice cops....you get 16 shots

Written by: Emcee Monte


from #BlackLivesMatter, released June 9, 2017
Written and Produced by Emcee Monte




Emcee Monte Chicago, Illinois

Emcee Monte:Emcee, Poet, Producer, Songwriter

Emcee Monte is a talented Emcee, Producer, Dancer, Choreographer, Entertainer, Songwriter, and Fashion designer. He is one of Chicago's finest emcees from the heart of the south side. He is known for his versatile rhyming and his powerful message. ... more

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